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Focusing On You & Your Ketubah Art needs

Custom Ketubah Services

Award-Winning​ Artist

Created art in various media: water-colours, acrylics, glass paint, pastels, and mixed media.

Creative & Imaginative Solutions

Offering you many unique designs and wide budget options

Customer Focused

Smooth and Timely Delivery of Your Custom Ketubah Art

Samples of Custom Ketubah Artwork:

As there are many styles and themes that I can create especially for you, here are only a few samples and ideas. Please discuss with your future spouse which ones appeal and which ones are a good springboard to your own amazing Ketubah. (ALL images are subject to Copyright and those named as Samples are on this site for inspiration and colour theme suggestions only.) 

There are themes such as: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; beach or woodlands; mountains, lakes and waterways; by artist style (Degas, Monet, Vn Gogh, Cezanne, etc). 

There are also many specific Jewish (or other traditional themes I love to create. For more ideas let’s talk by phone or through the contact form below.

Want a Custom ketubah?


Prices through Custom Ketubah Art for custom Ketubahs range from $250 + (Canadian) depending on the customization and preferences. 

The combination of watercolour and acrylics in the variety of shapes and sizes give you many unique opportunities to have your own custom Ketubah reflect your love and individual styles.

In the next few weeks I will upload more visual options of Ketubot which will show you my style and customization options. In the meantime please go through the below questionnaire to help you and your future spouse get an idea of your ideal Custom Ketubah. This will also of course help me to better envision your Custom Ketubah.

PASSION FOR art & love

About the Artist

I am passionate about art, romance and love. 

Since I was little I have been creating art with water-colours, pastels, glass paint, acrylics and mixed media.

My favourite styles and types of art are many: impressionist, abstract, geometric; soft and delicate, vibrant and primary; anything uplifting and emotion evoking, that celebrates nature, seascapes, mountains, animals, and all seasons.

Living in a peaceful Ontario home surrounded by woods, I especially enjoy nature’s bounty of colours, bird song and the myriad of turning leaves on the many trees surrounding us.

My art has been appreciated around the world and I love bringing beauty and happiness to people and their homes.

“It’s uplifting and brings hope and joy.”

One of the many blessings that G-d has bestowed upon me are my eclectic sense of design and abundant creativity.

Brought up in London, England and now living in Ontario, Canada, I have enjoyed creating and teaching art to adults, children and those with special needs. I have also been published in non-fiction and (under a different name) I’m a bestselling romance author.

Now, I combine my passion for art and love into creating unique art for your Ketubah. What can be more romantic and inspiring than creating unique Ketubah art which encompasses two souls merging into one long and fruitful life together?

Tanya Freedman
Your Custom Ketubah Artist

Want to connect? Contact me now.

Tanya Freedman

Some Questions for you to consider from the CKA Questionnaire

In order to help you and your future spouse consider and discuss your visions and styles of your unique Custom Ketubah (various options of text and aesthetic styles and themes) here are some questions from my in-depth but simple Questionnaire which I send to prospective clients:

– What styles do we agree on, which colours and decor do we like?

– What we do not like (separately or together)?

– What romantic memories, favourite seasons or holidays do we have that can be encapsulated within the Ketubah art?to

Still have questions?

No problem, I’d love to help you and guide you with your special Ketubah plans.

Good luck with all your exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) wedding plans.

Please contact  me now through the below form and I’ll respond shortly.

Questions? I have answers


  1. You call or email me through the contact form
  2. I’ll send you a simple questionnaire
  3. Once I receive your answers and answer any of your questions I’ll send you pricing ideas and sample sketches I’ll design for you.
  4. There is no obligation to go with me if you don’t absolutely love what I’m suggesting. This is your once-in-a-lifetime art celebrating your union!

Absolutely! It’s your special Ketubah and I can design any type of art style you choose. Some couples have different tastes from each other and I like to combine something unique and fun from both the bride and the groom.

Just contact me and we can start with the process. There is no obligation to go with me. I’m here to help.

A custom Ketubah can cost  anywhere from $399 to $1500 and upwards, depending on the intricacy and comlexity of the project. For example if you like ornate and gold inlay or something that has a lot of time-consuming patterns – but beautiful artwork, then it will take any artist much longer to create.

SPECIAL OFFER: For anyone ordering a Ketubah between now and the end of 2021 you can receive a 20% discount.

Why? Because I’d like to help young couples however I can.


As a special offer for anyone ordering a Ketubah between now and the end of 2021 you can receive a 20% discount.

Why? Because I love to help young couples however I can as they embark on their spiritual journey of life and love together.

No.  I liaise with your Rabbi regarding your custom Ketubah text (your questionnaire will let me know whether you’re both getting married for the first time or divorcees, etc), then I get an authorized company to create it. I also confirm with the Rabbi that it is all 100% correct.

Only then I create the design we have discussed.

You can rest easy that I will make sure that your Ketubah will be ready for your Chuppa (or other wedding ceremony) with no issues.

Depending on the complexity and intricacy of your chosen design you can receive it within 4-6 weeks from time of the order.

However, it is best to start the process as early as possible, so you can have as much time as  needed to enjoy choosing the various components of the design without time pressure.

That’s not a problem. I can guide you through the details along with your Rabbi: You can add such information by hand at the time of signing, so that you do not need to create a new Ketubah.

I will help you through all  the stages of the process of creating your beautiful, one of a kind Ketubah.

So Contact me through the form below. I’d love to be part of your special union.

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